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World heritage Shirakawago

Shirakawago was registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 1995 as “a certain type of building that exemplifies an important period of human history, collection of building group technology, or a prominent example of landscape”. Its central archaeological structure is located in the Hagincho area located in the center of the village or somewhat north of the village, in the surrounding traditional culture experience facilities, historical museums, etc., it is a glimpse of the wisdom of old-fashioned life to live with nature I can do it.

Scenery from the observation deck

An observatory made at the site of Ogimachi Castle built by the Uchikajima family who dominated the area in the 15th century as a castle. From here you can not only see the community village of Shirakawago spreading under the pine trees, but also enjoy the view of the mountains surrounding Shirakawago. There is a covered break place next to the observation deck, and it is good to extend your lunch while enjoying the scenery.

Country Designated Important Cultural Property Wada House

“Wada House” is the largest architectural folk art museum in Shirakawago. In the living room where folk equipment is exhibited and the attic without using a single nail, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the excellent building technology in the middle term of the Edo period even after more than 300 years of construction. However, although it is open to the public, it is still being used as a general residence, so let’s protect the tourism manners sufficiently!

Doburoku Festival

Every year in Shirakawago, “Doburoku Festival” praying to God of the mountain is done from the end of September to the end of October, peace of Five Grain Feng, House safety and village.
A shrine in each area of Shirakawa village, a festival unique to Shirakawago with its historical and traditional history, where traditional Shinto priests such as folklore, lion dance, historical folkloric folk songs and dances can be unfolded. As its name suggests, “Doburoku” is used as a sake for festival, and it is the greatest feature that people behave as well.

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