The cuisine is a rustic flavor that uses mountain cooked abundantly, including wild vegetarian dishes, salt-burned Iwana, and Chiba-yaki of Hida beef abundantly. Rice is also homemade and very tasty. Iwana’s bone wine can also be made. (Reservation required)
We also serve coffee for breakfast.



The rooms are equipped with underfloor heating so you can stay warm. Please enjoy the good old Japanese culture by forgetting the time and being relaxed leisurely relaxed while being enveloped in a historical space. In the bath, we will have a warm Hinoki bath every room.



Seating capacity 13 people / 4 Japanese rooms ※Security:Only inlock
Check in / Check out Check in14:00~ Check out~9:00
BathRoom 1(Use 16:00~21:00 / 6:00~7:30 Morning Only Shower.)
Amenity Towel · bath towel (rented) · Yukata · Tabi
Toilet By gender
Air conditioner Complete
Credit card Out of service
Parking 4(free)
CLOSED Irregular closed
Meal area Dinner: IRORI Room (Fukujyu) Breakfast: IRORI Room (Fukujyu)
Other services Iwana’s bone wine can be made. (Reservation required)

※ Smoking is prohibited inside the hotel.

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